Musical Theater

Goodbye… …im musical theatre! Easter specials for fans of musical STAGE entertainment. Germany’s largest producer of musical STAGE ENTERTAINMENT uses the DIALOXX method of the tasty advertising agency once again to the distribution of musical tickets. 50,000 qualified, segmented customer are addressed. Advertised are current musical sister Act in Hamburg about behind the horizon in Berlin to dance of the vampires in Stuttgart. The targets are motivated by postal direct mail according to the DIALOXX method, to order tickets online and to sign up for the newsletter.

About the DIALOXX cockpit determines the response and analyzed, as well as direct all ticket orders registered and evaluated. DIALOXX is a print-to-online best practice, be near the targets using a personalized postal direct mailings on a special microsite. About the DIALOXX cockpit, functioning and success of the campaign can be directly viewed and controlled. Test account for journalists: LD4DY Action: Easter specials for fans of musical STAGE Entertainment clients: agencies: methodology: for more information about customers, projects, examples and contacts from customer side we are gladly available.