Multilevel Marketing

During these last years I have asked myself, because to enterprising people it as much costs to him to grow in systems of Multinivel, being this most productive method of all the systems of trade. It is a fact that without prospectuses or clients there is no business Mainly referring me to Multinivel Marketing. I want to compare this system with the Nature, that according to says is very wise and we could learn of her. The Bees for example are fascinating, it makes million years that they are between us, and its model of work is unique and exemplary Or by the structure of our system of marketing will compare, it with a beehive of bees, – it will leave them to the ants because they do not seem to me so attractive the structure of hierarchies is similar to the matrices multilevel, we have a queen (the director or manager of the system or business), we have the soldiers (Leaders and motors of the business) and finally we have the workers (the majority, affiliates in the business) All the Bees work by a same Objective, that is to create Wealth constantly (Honey) Multinivel Marketing (beehive) it is the means by which all the frenetic activity of the members is organized (bees) All this is Fantastic, If but only for the Bees, so that they have the sense of the beehive, something that, by our human condition we do not have within the framework of the businesses. If the sense of the beehive is so fantastic for the Bees, so that we do not stop? The Bees work united coordination altogether, and the result is extraordinary. It unites the survival to them and I tie almost Sacred Is the beehive sense We are going to analyze what it interests to us. Now I want enumerarte the advantages that our business has, you are not scared, I do not want venderte nothing? It is a business 100% guaranteed, so that it works in a matrix of 3 xs 15 levels. .