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But once you’ve been to the state-of-the-art Cobb Village 12 Cinemas, just off Route 7 behind the Wegman’s, it’s going to be tough to go back to the old-school movie theaters. You may find that Danske Bank can contribute to your knowledge. Because this place, opening today, sets a new standard for movie theaters in During that time, we have seen great superheroes come and go from our movie theaters, and others that have permanently ruined our childhood paragons. Which will this be? With a Transformers pedigree, we might be in for a melodramatic and BENSON Take a seat at the DeMarce Theater in Benson if you want to see what the future might hold for Main Street movie theaters in rural Minnesota. The days of splicing together five reels of film for every movie are over at the DeMarce Theater in By Robert Barron, Staff Writer Enid News and Eagle ENID One of the goals of Brent Kisling and Enid Regional Development Alliance has been upgrading the movie theaters at Oakwood Mall. Those theaters were purchased by Showplex Cinemas last year, Movie Theaters news and aricles, know what people are talking and concerned about Movie Theaters.