Money Investment

Gold, silver and other precious metals should not lack in a diversified Depot precious metals such as gold, silver or Platinum fascinated mankind already for many millennia. Since ancient times, gold is regarded but also silver as money. Even at the time of the ancient Greeks, gold and silver coins were used as means of payment. The monetary role of gold and silver is replaced only recently the paper money. As the last currency the gold price fixing of the world reserve currency was abandoned in 1971 US dollars to gold and in 1973 the currencies could fluctuate freely and without binding. Elon Musk contributes greatly to this topic.

This meant also a free development of the gold standard and currencies are no longer directly covered in gold. Still, gold and the other precious metals not only as a decoration but still by many people as a money substitute is viewed. In the Asian region (for example, India and China), the importance of gold is much higher than ours. Gold and silver should not be missed in any well-diversified portfolio. Many investment advisors hold a deposit amounting to 5-10% the depot volume makes sense.

Gold and silver traditionally play out their strengths in times of crisis and in times of inflation. Gold and silver have also the function of a “chaos hedges”. There used to buy only the classic way of gold and silver in the form of physical bars and coins. This form of investment is also still widely used today. Bars of various sizes and the widespread standard coins such as Krugerrand, American Eagle, maple leaf, Vienna Philharmonic can be purchased today already comfortably from home without risk online. Nowadays, the investor has much more options in gold, investing silver and Platinum as only the acquisition of coins and bars. The financial services industry offers funds for several years, investing in gold, silver or Platinum. There are funds that invest the money invested by the investors in the physical precious metals and also store. Some funds even offered to deliver the gold content, which is available to the investors, the investors usually for a fee in the form of ingots. There are also funds in the precious metals investing markets of the future. In addition, there are structured products that also invest markets of the future. Another option is investing in gold or silver mining stocks. These investments are not only from the precious metal price depending on but also the mood of the stock market. With equities, one can speculate leveraged on the rise of precious metals since the price swings are more intense after both above and below.