Middle Eastern Cuba

At the beginning of his administration almost all of Latin America Bush bragged how and the Caribbean followed consensus in Washington and how the Iraqi people appreciated the troops of USA to liberate your country giving zapatazos to the statues of Hussein. However, now much of which has been reversed. To bid farewell to its mandate Bush went to Iraq where received you with a zapatazo. This shows the weakness of the occupants both popular support and security. If the attacker had shot this would have caused greater militarisation, but he didn’t want to kill him or hurt him, but humiliate him. His gesture has deeply damaged the morals and the authority of Bush. However, there are two worst zapatazos that Bush is receiving on his own continent.

In the North it has become the most unpopular President who registered the polling. South of your border he has achieved that most of Latin America and the Caribbean go choosing Governments that claim of one form or another from left and that Cuba has been making expand its allies and break the siege. Today is the first Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean made without U.S. or Europe. However, while Bush travels without much honor by Middle Eastern Cuba manages to be accepted in this appointment. That conclave also shows certain attempts of what used to be the backyard of Washington’s zapatear in world politics with his own tissue, which is also a form of zapatear to Bush.