Measuring Cost Effectiveness

To be successful we must measure the cost-effectiveness of each activity we do. Is it really appropriate to spend our valuable time on routine administrative tasks and can delegate? As reported by the VACOC, and the U.S. Small Business Administration, on average, independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners spend up to 40% of their time performing routine administrative tasks. Ideally, we should devote 80% of their time on activities that create value and increase the income of our enterprise. The more time you spend on activities such as planning, business strategy, marketing and networking, and creating and delivering products and services that generate income, the higher our business and profits! 7 Benefits You’ll Delegating 1. More Energy: have more energy to the extent that he no longer do the tasks that do not like or do well. 2.

More Time: more time to work energizing a passion and enjoy your life and the fruits of their work. 3. More Focus: avoid distractions not doing work that should not do as a business owner. 4. More Productivity: to the extent that this more focused, be more productive and effective, get more done in less time.

5. Less Stress: when he does things and really make this progress, their level of happiness, increased energy and creativity! 6. A more solid basis: will be creating and establishing a solid foundation for further profitable growth of your business. 7. Major Gains: all these benefits together are the key ingredients to generate more revenue. “Nothing is impossible if you can delegate.”