Mass media

The mass media that could arrive at the place as much reported innumerable losses in the rows of the guerrilla as of the army. Some means also speculated that in the combats that they had prolonged by but in fifteen days, they were participating the self-defense of the Average Magdalena. The deads were many, was no form to bury them by the din of the combats. The wounded was removed in conditions enough precarious ones and transported to the centers of attention possibly adapted for emergency.

The helicopters went and came without stopping, they lowered the wounded and in some, even that in many cases, in black bags to which they did not resist and they died being removed from the forest. At that moment he did not matter if he were guerrilla, paramilitary soldier or. Oscar that day ran of a side for another one. He was soaked in blood. There was amputee, he had suturado, extracted bullets, cut internal, clipped member completely destroyed, had closed the eyes to more of a soldier or guerrilla who in the table of operations had left their last breath of life. Tired, exhausted, corporally and lowered spiritually by so many deads, therefore horror, for as much bestiality, was asked that sense tapeworm the war, if of by means the stingy interests of a political class were put in front, of particular interests that never were to him inherent to those who in truth gave to their life by those ” ” causas” ” , always other people’s, distant, distant causes of which they never usufructuaban themselves.