March Project

The jury, consisting of among others consisting of representatives of the project developer, investor, the culture Office of the city of Dusseldorf and the art consultant of Gerard Goodow, met on Thursday, August 16th, 2012 in the Breidenbacher Hof. The four invited artists personally presented the results of their competition. They were faced the challenging task to liven up the Office entrance next to the retail space of the future Nespresso boutique in the Ko 19 artistically. This should be the high-quality architecture and later users will be the focus of the design considerations. Now the decision is officially. The jury agreed Ko.Korona of Heike Weber from Cologne, who thus won the contract for the realization of the majority for the draft. The artist is convinced by its organic design and its playful approach to the task.

You managed the bridge between their artistic work and the local situation and presented Ko.Korona as a successful art in construction design. Particularly, the inclusion of the exterior and Interior, as well as the side planned positioning of their work, so the visitors will captivate the Ko-West visually impressed the jury. The planned artwork occupies the space for himself and climbs the impressive height of almost nine meters in the entrance area with ease. The Additionally integrated LED lighting promises a multifaceted artwork. The installation of Ko.Korona is planned for March 2013. The project developer RMA management emphasizes brand Ko-West details and a quality statement.

So it is not surprising that complemented the RMA wanted to know the front entrance of the Ko 19 to an artistic intervention. Competition of the developers commissioned with the realization of Kunst am Bau Bonn-based consulting company art space concepts Dirk Monreal. Ko 19 is expected to be ready for occupancy in December of this year. Offices and retail are already fully leased. Tenant is obtain the banking firm HSBC Trinkhaus & Burkhardt AG in the upper offices. For the exclusive retail location, NESPRESSO will position itself with a flagship store on the Ko-West. The RMA management had purchased the building Konigsallee of 19 of a project company in February 2011 and the demolition started in the summer. The shell is now finished. The doors of Nespresso to open already 2012 Boutique to the holiday shopping season. Company: RMA management the RMA management stands for since 2006 sustainability and appreciation of real estate. The focus of the business is in the project development and the revitalization of retail properties in micro very good, layers of cities from 100,000 inhabitants. The most important project in the past was the acquisition of the King Ahornallee 17, rent at Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as the Ko-West brand development hereby dissolved. the object passed now Aachen reason after the successful opening of A & F of flagship at the end investor. The RMA management is not own real estate portfolio. Projects are basically sold to investors with the completion or already assumed in the design phase of long-term holders of the stock.