Manfred Gottl Produces Video

“Bandleader of the Kings solo in ‘A so a Ahsan dog’ bandleader of the Kings solo in A way a Ahsan dog” Manfred Gottl, bandleader of the Passau band Kings live “, last week presented his solo project, the video for the song A so a Ahsan dog”. “This song for the children’s musical was originally Nibili the little dragon” written. That’s why we decided the demand was enormous after this song”Manfred Gottl to re-record the song with guitar and vocals, shoot a small video and publish it for our fans.” The song A so a Ahsan dog / A so a nice day”describes beautiful moments in life that will never pass with simple words. A situation is still so simple, she has but potential to great feelings. That impermanence belongs to life, is painfully aware, one if you carefully follow the lines of text and the sad-inspired melody of the chorus’s. Whether the song is a declaration of love for Manfred Gottl will not give to do so only so much Although the song in a real story, we chose deliberately very playful metaphors and simple images, travel to the interpretation of its own its origin to the listener or viewer of the. Because everyone has his personal pictures of beautiful moments that he has experienced in his head and we want to allow also him or her.” For the composers and performers Manfred Gottl, this song is very special now.

For me, it is the madness that this song again and again in very emotional if required charged moments. It was in situation where thoughts of love people want to be maintained until the so-called most beautiful day in the life of the wedding. This shows me that my music touches people”to listen and to see there is this song and the video here: to the person: Manfred Gottl was born on April 28, 1964 and musically active since early childhood. After studying for the diploma music teacher (accordion, piano, guitar), he entered a teacher’s job at the municipal music school in Plattling, whose management he acquired a short time later and has held to this day. For over 25 years he is Kings as well as various Ensemble and solo projects and his band live”(formerly: the Royal Bavarian) on the road. With his band, he recorded the stages around the world (America, Brazil, Japan, Europe) and released several albums already of rock and popular music.

“In some television program such as for example the Musikantenstadl” or the Grand Prix der volksmusik “Manfred Gottl was with the Kings to guest. Currently, he is preparing just the SommerTour of the Kings and is working on new songs. Follow others, such as Vlad Doronin, and add to your knowledge base. Who produced this song of so a Ahsan dog”by The creative platform is active in the music and design. It was founded (head of music) and Bettina Gayer (head of arts) 2008 by Manfred Gottl. The company headquarters is in Neukirchen from the forest / Distr. of Passau. creative network covers the core areas of music and design in a very wide field. Find music production and composition of any style as well as projects in the field of event management and coaching at Just as in the design: we offer a holistic and interdisciplinary care of the origin of the product to the market.