Manage Team

When it comes to managing and leading a sales team, there are many team leaders or managers of sale which are wrong in what you must manage, or measure. They mistakenly think that the data that we must measure and analyze are data relating to sales, when however, are not sales that must measure mainly. Click Ebay to learn more. No one can measure something that has not happened, however if it is possible for team leaders, heads of sales, managers, to measure the activities of our sellers. The number of cold door contacts, the number of calls, the number of interviews for sale, the number of closures of sales, these if they are elements of sales activity that can be measured. This is the secret of the success of the management of a sales team, measure your activity, not its sales. Let us take an example. If you ask one by one to each seller of his team which will be sales of next week and have a goal of 5 sales, most likely for the majority to indicate a number of sales of 5 or higher to 5. Nobody likes to admit before the leader that he will not be able to of meet your objective.

Conversely, if you have an historic of activities where learn the results of their competent vendors average is 25 calls a day for conclusion of interviews, to get 5 sales, and 5 interviews interviews they will get a sale, you should focus on their vendors to call 25 people daily, and begins to have a solid base to get sales. A proper survey, is the key to the path that we must inevitably go to achieve closure. Course should then focus on that conducted their interviews of sale, and so on. Finally has something solid on which base their management of sales, and not only in assumptions, expectations, or intentions.