Malaysia Bioplan

More than 200 types of primary and secondary-specific funds, such as enzymes, Multienzyme, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and other trace elements are obtained with this method. Read more here: Paul Fipps. These substances can improve the quality, quantity, growth and resilience of Ganoderma against pests. Cell culture system produced 1 million Ganoderma on simple nut plantations in top quality. Arrangement system for the cultivation and spreading through suspension cultures it is preferably applied so that of Ganoderma with undesirable materials in contact, thus is a smooth growth secured the DXN-Ganoderma Plantation is situated on a 70-acre area. This is the largest acreage in Malaysia and the first plantation with a MS ISO 14001-2004 certificate that Lloyd’s quality assurance was awarded by who in July 2000.

Evidenced by this certificate, that all production processes of MS-ISO-14001-2004 complying with the Ganoderma and perfectly meet all conditions set by the Ministry of environment. The Ministry of agriculture has accredited in November 2007 the DXN LINGZHI plantation in the Malaysia Bioplan. So that it complies with the MS-1529.2001, both meets the requirements of a degree organic plantation documents were. The DXN pharmaceutical factory is located on an area of 34,000 m sq and is equipped with most modern facilities at world level. It is the first processing plant for Ganoderma in Malaysia, the TGA diploma (reg. of remedy preparation) Ministry of health of Australia and the diploma of the Lloyd’s quality assurance ISO 9001-2000 standard in September 1999 was awarded for the MS. She was one of the first that got the GMP diploma (good manufacturing practice) by the international authority of the Ministry of health of Malaysia.

The two DXN coffee production companies working with production facilities at world level to an area of a total of 42,000 m m and manufacture food and beverage products. A newly built DXN factory consists of a production plant for cosmetics, as well as for fruit juices and enzymes. Cosmetic products, the production received the GMP diploma (good manufacturing practice) by the international authority of the Ministry of health of Malaysia in August 2007. This factory is located on an area of approx. 70,000 m. The DXN marketing company is the first MLM company called the “a world – a market” concept. This provides a way for a distributor from any country whatsoever for the direct sponsorship of a new distributor body at national or international level. The DXN company is leading MLM exporter in Malaysia. The DXN company is committed to the goal, to be active in the field of research and development in the interest of producing top-quality. DXN’s concerted efforts in the field of research and development has resulted in that the products of highest international Standard match and as far as possible, consist of pure natural raw materials. The laboratory Department of company DXN-holding Bhd the MS ISO/EC 17025 Akkreditionsdiplom received on July 17, 2006 for their technical competence, a recognition for their competent action, sphere and the implementation of quality control in a control scheme in their laboratory. The long-term goal of the DXN company is shock to advance the production process in the field of medicine for the preservation of well-being due to environmental protection regulations with the help of research and scientific development.