Lubeck Production

Growth capital for the technology leader in the field of metal-based generative production processes of the DPE Deutsche private equity GmbH advised fund (DPE) invest in the rapidly growing market for metal-based additive manufacturing technology (3 D pressure metallic components) and equip the owner-managed SLM Solutions GmbH (SLM) with growth capital. The previous shareholders H.J.. Ihde and H. Saeed remain heavily involved in the company after the closing of the transaction and continue to lead the business of SLM Solutions GmbH to ensure continuous business development. DPE is an investor specializing in long-term growth financing of medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries with headquarters in Munich. The value of the transaction, the parties have agreed to silence.

SLM has over 10 years of experience in the field of metal-based additive manufacturing with the help of laser technology (selective laser melting”) based in Lubeck, Germany and is one of the pioneers in the development of this Procedure. In component manufacturing SLM technology microscopic metal powder layers (E.g. steel, titanium, aluminium or nickel base alloy) are fused high-precision gradually to a fixed component using lasers. The procedure at the time especially apply in the manufacture of parts with complex geometry in small batches and production, where geometries are needed which can not be produced with conventional methods or aims the lot size of production against 1. SLM 2002 introduced its technology in the market and processed in 2006 as the first company in the industry in its machines also titanium and aluminium. Today, SLM is a worldwide leading company for the production of equipment and manufacturing systems for generative manufacturing of prototypes and serial parts, as well as for vacuum – and metal casting. Although the market for SLM technology compared to traditional manufacturing technologies is still relatively small, strong market growth is through the starting application in the production of small series expected.