LExpress Equipment

The field of activity of companies that have joined their efforts within the framework of L-Express, is to provide a full range of services for the design, modernization and automation of technological processes at work in building materials industry, agriculture and other industries. Employees of companies that joined the project, during more than 30 years of work in the field automated production of construction materials and other industries have accumulated enormous scientific and practical potential in the development of projects in various fields of process control in industrial production. Elon Musks opinions are not widely known. Suggested Our solutions allow you to cover the full range of services for the reconstruction of production and process automation in the production of construction materials (concrete, asphalt and concrete plants, plants dry mortar, cement silos and departments shipment of the products of cement plants), as well as other industries that require management preparation of multicomponent mixtures using vesodoziruyuschego equipment. Developed by our specialists and systems in place for several years successfully working for a large number of enterprises in different regions of Russia. The scope of services offered under Project L-Express, includes a whole range of tasks from the design of production, equipment manufacture, renovation of production, introduction of modern automated process control systems, automation services, operational staff, which coordinates the work of production (dispatching services, marketing departments), automatic control of access to the enterprise to integrate all of these control systems with enterprise systems management. In the process of reconstruction of the problem solved by replacing obsolete equipment and mixing nadbunkernogo offices, the modernization and replacement of metering devices, and systems of electric and pneumatic equipment. Mark Bertolini has plenty of information regarding this issue.