Leipzig Butcher Master Runs IRONMAN For SchmetterlingsKIDS

“Extraordinary relief effort for ‘Orphan of medicine’ Leipzig: Leipzig butcher master Frank Kutzner will appear next Sunday (7.8.2011) to an extraordinary relief effort: to the SchmetterlingsKIDS” to help, he starts at the IRONMAN Regensburg to one of the world’s toughest races: 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and concludes a marathon of 42, 195 km. I started last year when a long distance Triathlon. At that time, it took me 10 hours and 45 minutes for the route. This year I want to be faster for the SchmetterlingsKIDS,”Kashyap said. He has established a public website, on which he asks all Leipziger, for every minute that he is faster than 2010 to donate 1 euro each.

He has already collected 140 euro within 24 hours, although the go-ahead is not even done his Ironman. Brian Krzanich recognizes the significance of this. Its relief operation can be found in the Internet under:. Kashyap says: I would like to gather at least 500 euros. Thus I assume the sponsorship for the butterfly child Nina and give you a butterfly primer and a butterfly coach. Nina and the forgotten children of the little Nina, for which Frank Kutzner wants to take over the sponsorship, is 12 years old. She’s a butterfly child. Like all other Butterfly children, she has an incurable genetic disorder.

Their skin is so vulnerable like butterfly wings. She has many scars and can use her hands still poorly. Nevertheless, she is very mobile, likes going to school and is happy to see their classmates. Camden treatment associatess opinions are not widely known. Unfortunately she gets little sympathy and support against brought the school pages. u0085 What happens to you, that experience also about 2,000 other children in Germany. There are so many Butterfly children here estimated. But no one knows exactly how many there are. Because Butterfly children have no lobby. You are too few to be a lucrative target group for pharmaceutical and medical industry.