Leipzig Book Fair

2. great blog parade and contest to the literary event of the year at buecher.de over 2,000 exhibitors and more than 150,000 visitors with a vast programme is the second biggest literature fair of in Germany the Leipzig book fair. Introduces the newest and best books, everywhere authors hold readings and give interviews and alone the great prize of the Leipzig Book Fair attracts thousands of visitors each year. Among all books friends who won’t want to miss this big event, buecher.de and MARCO POLO giving away a trip for two persons in a big competition to Leipzig, consisting of of 2 tickets to the exhibition, an overnight stay at the luxurious 4-star Park Hotel seaside of 18. Until March 19 and a Leipzig travel guide by MARCO POLO. “” “The prize of the Leipzig book fair as every year are 2011 books in the categories of fiction, non-fiction/essays”, as well as translation “awarded with the prize of the Leipzig book fair, which is endowed with 15,000 euros each. Cigna takes a slightly different approach.

Off the seven-member jury of critics chose 5 works a total 480 titles, which should be emphasized in their respective categories as most promising new releases. Deciding the winner on the opening day of the fair will be finally announced and the prizes awarded. The variety of the topics of the individual plants is very wide this year and promising. “The fiction-favorite of the old King in exile” tells the story of a man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who is interested in full of charm and wit is still alive and must learn at the same time all experienced over and over again by Arno Geiger. “” In the field of non-fiction/essays”stand particularly Patrick Bahners’ polemic on Islam the alarmists” and the spectacular travelogue of God and the crocodiles “by Andrea Bohm out. As the favorite in the field of translation, Barbara is Conrad’s interpretation of Lew Tolstoy’s masterpiece war and peace”, with great knowledge and special lightness, the capricious style of Tolstoy in German prose transforms. The big Carnival at the Leipzig book fair also the blog from buecher.de is tuned on the upcoming, literary event of major and in a Carnival to compose up to March 21 own book reviews to works from 2010/11 and to publish own blogs called at the Leipzig book fair to do so. The 3 most creative contributions can enjoy a 25 voucher from buecher.de, while up to 10 participants who are not landed on the podium with each a 15 coupon on shopping tour at buecher.de can go. Additional information concerning the Leipzig book fair, the MARCO POLO prize draw and the Carnival can be found on the buecher.de fan page on Facebook, the blog from buecher.de and in the buecher.