Then I scolded him and we went home. I remember my then all the way from your ears were burning with shame. – Kostya – a stern voice, I said. – We go home. Say goodbye to my uncle, and went. – Good-bye, uncle – said the son. – My mother in the evening we invite you to dumplings with cherries. Only you must come, okay? We will wait for you.

And we live in thirty second apartment on the fifth floor. Feeling like a person pouring the paint, I threw the man a short "excuse it" and pulled his son inside. At home, I swore a long time Kostya, and then began to mold him in the morning promised dumplings. And then at the door rang. Stood in the doorway … the same man. Only without the rods. – Excuse, – he said.

– Just when I went to the 'entrance, he saw a wallet on the ground. And since no one after you came and went, I thought it was lost you. Wallets really belonged to me, and I began to thank a neighbor. – And we have dumplings are almost ready – son exclaimed happily when he saw his neighbor. – Come-come. Given that this man has just found my loss, where there were some documents and received an advance, I still invited him to the dumplings. Eugene, namely the so-called our neighbor and asked him to wait a minute and was out. Twenty minutes later he came to the candy Bones and a bottle of wine for us. All together we had lunch, and then somehow the conversation went quietly to the fact that his son did not have enough male communication. – I understand it – I said. – But, unfortunately, can not help it. Such a man with which I would like to live life, I have not met, but see next to a someone I do not want.