King Dos Reis

Ahead these words It would like that you opened its heart and if left to read touched for the potter, therefore only can make of you a new person. But so that if it is born a true new vase has of if taking in consideraes the four steps taken for the potter that we know to be It, Jehovah, Mr. you, the King Dos Reis. QUEM WAS CALLED PROPHET JEREMIAS Jeremias prophet was son of Hilquias, this to differentiate it of other Jeremias that appears in the bible. Perhaps she was a prophet of the city Benjamita de Ananote, has been descending of Abiatar prophet, who served King Davi.

The life of Jeremias is known of what of any the other prophet of at, therefore it in them left many marks of its thoughts, concerns and frustrations. Jeremias comumente is known by ' ' prophet choro' ' , also everything that it said the people made the opposite. In cap.16: 1, Jeremias receives order from God for not being married or having children, this to illustrate its ministry, and to show that a necessary prophet to live what it nails, it was called when had about 18 the 20 years of age, that mission hein? Jeremias had few friends, as all prophet, but its great friend was its called scribe Baruque, you has a Baruque in its life, knows that the Baruque name means ' ' abenoado' ' , now you understand because Jeremias walked with Baruque? Jeremias was contemporary of prophets Naum, Habacuque, Obadias and Ezequiel. This was prophet Jeremias, a great prophet. But you wise person that exists three types of prophecies? TIPOS OF PROPHECIES. Studying the bible we can notice three types of prophecies for which God spoke with its people. ) VERBAL PROPHECY: It is when it is said type: ' ' thus &#039 says you; '.