Key Account Management

CRM and preslovutyy'chelovechesky factor '' customer is always right '- it sounds basic law-oriented relationship marketing firm. But how to build on the basis of this law within the company rule of law? Make this provision part of the moral code of the employees to each of them was to evaluate the behavior of its production from the position customer satisfaction? To achieve these goals, along with marketing outside there is an internal marketing (internal marketing), is to adjust the management practices of the firm. In early 2002, a wide circulation was published the first book specifically devoted to the subject of internal marketing (see Pervaz and Rafiq). This gives the opportunity to speak about internal marketing as a separate discipline. Scope of internal marketing as well as Mass personalization is primarily associated with the provision of services. After the services, typically there is direct contact between staff of the firm and its clients. In some areas, customers are often not able to evaluate quality of the service host process.

Thus, the insurance company he is in the speed and the fact of payment of insurance compensation. Judge also directly on the quality of her work, usually have insurance on the skill agents to sell and make contracts. The value of the contact personnel recently emphasized in B2B marketing. One of his innovations is the concept of Key Account Management (see McDonald etc., 2000). The term is commonly understood as Key Accounts portfolio company relationships with key customers.

Accordingly, an expert on marketing the firm was appointed Key Account Manager. So proud name emphasizes the changing mission of the employee: instead of selling all that made, do native plant producing only what is sold. Obviously, the expected effective negotiations of representatives of companies that are not paid wages on time or dividing one workplace for two, quite difficult. It is no accident the main slogan of internal marketing was first in the fact that, with unmotivated employees, the company will never be able to achieve customer satisfaction.