Job Candidates

Often, in this case it appears that primary cause was not decisive. You can also ask the candidate to describe his ideal place of work, including staff, corporate culture, the identity of the chief, a job and so on. His story will assess how the proposed position is consistent with his expectations, is also quite clearly illustrates his motivation. These objectives consist of questions about what attracts him this position, what opportunities it offers for his career, and by whom the applicant finds himself in a few years. Useful information can be obtained by asking the applicant to list a few factors that could keep him in the company, as well as those factors that will cause him to seek a new job.

Further, should invite him to rank these factors in order of importance. This will reveal the hierarchy of values of the applicant. Also motivated applicant can be assessed by the question of what criteria the candidate he selects a suitable place to work. You can inquire about whether he had offers from other employers and what they are attracted to it. Learn that, for some parameters the applicant will make a final choice. Thus, the assessment of motivation of the applicant during the interview process helps weed out candidates who do not tend to stay in the company, and pursue purely personal purposes, for example, find a temporary position for the period to find a suitable job or to be interviewed exclusively for the maintenance of tone in preparation for the more important for them to interview.