Internet Marketing

The marketing since its sprouting suffers alterations, consequently thus appearing, diverse types of marketing, each one vocacionado for one determined specific area of the market: Webmarketing: Web marketing is the name given to the set of instruments that the presence or the existence of a company, professional enhances, person, or same an idea in a definite area daily pay or all world-wide net of linked computers with the use of the Internet; Telemarketing: it assigns the promotion of sales and services it saw telephonic, that is, marketing for telephone. Currently, the term runs away from this target, when also enclosing the telecobrana (collection saw telephone), attendance to the consumer and the support technician. It can be said that telemarketing is one ' ' commercial or non-standard telephonic attendance ' ' that it follows certain scripts of attendance; Email Marketing: it is the use of the email as tool of direct marketing. Differently of the Spam (indesejadas messages), it is essential to the email marketing the assent of the customer, who can be explicit, when he himself opts to receiving, or implicit, characterized for an evident relation between the parts. In the generality, other innumerable types of marketing exist as: Industrial marketing, Social Marketing, Institucional Marketing, Marketing politician, Mix of the Marketing and etc. the Mix of the Marketing are our tool of study, after that we will see of form detailed what it is and what composes the Mix of the Marketing, in order to to know let us evaluate it its viability of implantation in company GAC FRUITS. 3.3 Mix of the Marketing also Known as composed of marketing, this term was used or formulated in first place for Jerome McCarthy, professor of marketing of the State University of Michigan and author of the book Basic Marketing (1960), being its concept brought I publish to it or popularized for Philip Kotler. .