Internal Employees

As Spiller et al (2006, P. 100) and Lacombe; Heilborn (2003, P. 331), the adoption of empowerment in the companies can add improvements, as well as risks for its management. The discouragement of costs time, the reduction of imperfections and delays, the personal satisfaction of the collaborators, rapidity in the reply to the customer and the opening of the communication and knowledge are some advantages that if can reach. However it has of if considering the risks that will be able to appear, as confused goals, insufficience or misalignment of training, tension of the employees, lack of authority and the injunction of responsibilities the individuals that do not desire it. 3 AS TO INTRODUCE the ENDOMARKETING IN the ORGANIZATION to introduce the program of internal marketing in the management of a company the initial approval of its superior administration is essential, therefore it is a new culture that is if forming.

The following step, in accordance with Wools Houses (2006, P. 109), is to become the product (the company) desirable its internal customers. It is looked then, as the author just cited, to identify to the causes of the conflicts between the necessities and desires of the employees and the company, by means of internal research with proper collaborators. Supporting in these data the Human resources they will go to develop products and programs differentiated and compatible with the desire of the employees. The employees are each time more partners of the companies and, according to Rodrigues et al (1997, P. 20), this is one of the reasons that are taking the same ones to implant politics of valuation of its staff. In this direction, the programs, politics and techniques of the internal marketing need to be focados in some basic requirements for its implementation: ) Internal communication: The fluency of the intercommunication all enters the staff of the company can be promoted and induced with the creation of half facilitadores, as for example: Intranet, internal periodical, bulletin board, manuals, pamphlets and even though the layout of the work environment can be drawn in a way that facilitates to the personal contact and the work in team.