Inflatable Boats

Clean your inflatable boat before inflating it. In a bowl, mix 3 ounces of liquid detergent for dishes and equal amount of water. Brush the solution for the entire length of the seams of your inflatable boat with a paint brush. Any air leak will be clear as soap bubbles will form. Make a note of the position in which they are drawing a circle around. To review internal leaks, you will need the help of another person who hold the boat’s side while you repeat this same process through the interior of the boat.

You must remember to review the inflatable keel if boat has one. Then, brush soapy solution above all the valves of inflation. This should be done when the caps on the valves are closed, because it is normal for a little air escape through valves, but are the caps that prevent this air to exit through them. Finally, use the solution to check the external surfaces of tubes of inflation. Then, rinse the SOAP with a garden hose, and you are ready to continue with the next step. The vast majority of the inflatable boats have pressurized funds, so review leaks a slightly more complicated process than in other parts of the boat. The first thing is to make sure that the bottom is clean and dry. Using talcum powder, cans along the bottom of the pot and then flip it, holding it upside down on four chairs.

Pour a little water and stir it a little. Any filtration in the background will be obvious, because you will see dark spots on a completely white background. Mark them with a pencil, and is complete with the process.