Ideal Mother

There is the anecdote about the 80-year-old man who asks the doctor to help make a more intense intimacy. When the physician indicates that advanced age, the patient tells the story of a neighbor who ten years older, and those not less boasts his exploits in bed. Physician reasonably observes: "So tell me please!" Psychology of a woman who not so long ago became a mother, is very similar to the psychology of the hero of this anecdote. If you listen to neighbors talk or read a record of young mothers on the Internet, will inevitably come to a conclusion: I am a bad mother! To meet the views of what should be a good mother, poor woman begins to scramble. As rule, its support in this next of kin, filling up valuable tips on how exactly should behave in a perfect mother. However, the results are discouraging.

Instead of an idyllic picture happy family, often quite different: crocked and snap at all the woman who is tormented by guilt because of the fact that it is something wrong. After all, everyone else so easily obtained to be perfect! Psychologist Alex Vladimir says that this situation arises when the mother is too much focused on social stereotypes, and too little listening to him. According to the most modern concepts, the ideal mother should: – Must have own, without anesthesia, and the more operative interventions (caesarean). Had to make a caesarean? – Begin to suffer feelings of guilt! – Breastfeeding, at least two years before.