I Remember Sabrina Faithful Mascot

Remember to SABRINA FAITHFUL MASCOTAMis enemies you have killed like a tiny ball of meat, so you had in your arms, with your bulging eyes and your fresh hociquito looking me with joy that in those days I so much needed. Me to remember the faithful companion of my Usha, young daughter mia or Nero the eternal lover that was found on the trip to Duchess. As always in your childhood of perruna you shim with so much emotion, for always being faithful companion. Your travels to your old home near the tomb of Pope, is still cool to look at that mound of Earth where I posed my thoughts; There you wanted wherever you go, perhaps so that I don’t forget the legacy that I leave, which is looked at the height of my temples, to all those poor men that populate the high Trujillo, with their miseries and their needs.You movias the short tail, when we walked the sands. Next to my hear claims of all those citrines faces that Arenal from the big city roamed.

As if you also comprendieras them. With tenderness and my eyes looked at to the children than those families lost in the hunger in my hands sought relief from the wickedness of the world. And with the same you acongojabas to see the misery of the world subject to the world. We returned home with the burden of all the brothers, for reeling us brains that can help. With the same enthusiasm regresabas every Sunday so that in their assemblies they expose their needs and their strategies with that fight, but above all in looking at your older brother; talk to them of the need to unite to face the ignominy of the world, that the world itself had submitted them.Now that my enemies, no is if you have removed the life, or taken away from my.