Human Motivation

Currently if it speaks very on the importance of the motivation as motor that it stimulates the person human being to play with definitive ability action or work. We find thus, this emphasis to the motivation, over all in courses entrepreneurs, as well as in auto-aid literature. In the field of enterprise literature, it affirms John Adair (1934-), on motivation: If the communication is sister of the leadership, then the motivation also it is. ‘ ‘ Motivao’ ‘ it comes of the Latin verb ‘ ‘ movere’ ‘. It exists, it is clearly, a variety of forms to mobilize people: you can threaten them with punishment of diverse forms, or induziz them for you reward financiers. (2000, p.37). For a scientific conceptualization, the motivated behavior if characterizes as one strong dismissal of energy, directing itself for an objective, or goal. Thus, for one better agreement of the motivated behavior, we can conceive reason as incentive, either positive that if dirige for the objective, as the negative that if it moves away, for esquiva or escape, of the motivador object.

On the other hand, reason also can to reveal as impulse (or force that it puts into motion), they are innate reasons, as the physiological ones; the theories divergem on the innate necessities as the boarding of each psychological school, for Watson, for example: ‘ ‘ the stimulatons, as well as the answers of that the comportamentalista if occupies, can be simple or complex. Luminous waves that reach the retina can be considered relatively simple stimulatons; but the stimulatons can more be physical objects of the environment or a situation ampla’ ‘. (SCHUTZ; SCHUTZ. 1992, p.249).