The format shows the nutritional philosophy of freegans, people who eat than she finds in the sweepings by an ethical conviction. The documentary sample from the harvesting to the preparation of the food. One chef, a journalist and a writer embarks in a particular adventure of harvesting and World feeding Blessed, a news article of the channel Odyssey, in which it is to the philosophy and the day day of the Freegans. To see eaten people looking for in the sweepings is an image that usually is associated with the poverty or the necessity, nevertheless, are some people do who it by conviction. They think that the waste of the food is little ethical that is thrown to the sweepings. They are freegans, or to dumpster divers, literally divers of waste baskets, an alternative movement that was born in New York and that already has followers in the main European capitals. The World reporters Blessed moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, where freegans of Europe is one of the more advanced and tolerated movements.

They accompanied them in his harvestings and they shared one it has dinner enjoying its particular harvest. Next to them, one chef, a journalist and a writer followed their day day, from the harvesting to a dinner with reclaimed foods. In each episode, of 30 minutes and rollings in high resolution, will be thorough an excellent history through the eyes of its protagonists. Through them they will show the different approaches that a same reality has. The first chapter will emit Thursday 30 of June to the 23 hours in Odyssey. Source of the news: They release a documentary one on ' gourmets of basura'