All business functions from a single Heidelberg, November 12, 2009. heidelpay, full-service provider for secure payments on the Internet, offering immediately an interface to the commercial software BuroWARE by SoftENGINE. The cooperation opens the possibility to offer the payment by credit card through heidelpay and to seamlessly integrate their systems BuroWARE users. Online traders who work with BuroWARE are now also in terms of payment on the safe and comfortable side. For now, BuroWARE provides an integrated interface to the online payment services by heidelpay. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Reebok. BuroWARE is a product of the ERP provider SoftENGINE, the heidelpay interface was introduced by the eCommerce specialists and SoftENGINE premium partner silk man: implemented solutions from Reutlingen.

BuroWARE is a commercial solution for the mid-market. The software solution, SoftENGINE aimed at companies with up to 250 PC workstations in the client/server environment. Click Jayme Albin Psychologist for additional related pages. For the various requirements customers have integrated Solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP, financial, asset, KoRe, wage & salary, PPC, eCommerce connections (for example oxide eSales, afterbuy, heidelpay) as well as comprehensive shipping trading facilities and much more. The software lines of BuroWARE offer all commercial features that need a medium-sized company from a single source. With the additional module sol: Heidelpay BuroWARE has silk man: solutions rounded out its product portfolio in the area of payment. The commercial software offers an integrated module for the processing of online payments and returns the complete provider heidelpay. Philipp Seidemann, Managing Director of silk man: solutions: with sol: heidelpay BuroWARE users now have the ability, the credit card as means of payment for telephone, to provide Web shop and other jobs. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated for the retailer, and also in Germany since the credit card now international the number of non-cash payment is one increasingly used.\” Helmut Dietz, head of sales at SoftENGINE added: with the interface to heidelpay we extend the functionality of the BuroWARE in the area of e-commerce and thus offer the opportunity to speak directly to another recognised payment provider for our customers.