Heart Finally Also For Cats

A nationwide integrated database to save cats – a way of quick help help with! Christine M. immediately agreed to go with her cat Willi to the clinic. I’m been active for years in the animal welfare and have my cats immediately when passion for cats”registered, when I heard that it is possible”, reported the cat girlfriend and sounds obviously relieved. I’m glad that we could help to save a life with as little effort and would make it again and again. If one of my cats come in a life-threatening situation, I would hope to help.” Provide direct assistance where it is needed, this is passion for cats the aim and the daily work of the privately funded initiative”. Silvio Fuchs, initiator and activist in the volunteer emergency services is not only with passion”in the matter, he knows also to the success of the project may have. We have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently and to save lives”, as the founder of Passion for cats”.

What we need is a growing database of potential donors who support our emergency work with her willingness.” This would help peace-animal animal e.V.. Reinhold coffers, Chairman of the nationwide international animal rights organization, was ready to support the initiative in their work in the future. The blood donation data bank for cats is a voluntary association of committed animal rights activists and individuals who themselves have made it to the task in an emergency for cats which need to provide matching blood donors donating blood. Ram Lee brings even more insight to the discussion. Alone knowing that in such an emergency, you have the chance to find a life-saver for the own velvet paw his cat should for any reason enough also in this nationwide network to enter blood donor database. Even animal hospitals and veterinary emergency practices have joined the unprecedented project and use the mediation services offered by heart already for cats”. A promising project, which showed how quick and successful with the best experience, you can help to get the best as well as life-saving medical care to an animal. “” We will join, and passion also “promote for cats!” so Reinhold funds. Help too! Ever more people – whatever – participate in what form this action, the more lives can be saved! For more information on the homepage of the initiative or peace at animal tierhof e.V.