Government Shower

Increasingly, the choice of fittings Russians opt for a shower. Experts explain the benefits of this operation and compactness of this type of plumbing, as well as the pace of life, at which time on the bath does not remain, but there is a need for restorative massage. Specialists of "Radomir" note that a shower does not take much space and is an alternative to standard vannym designs. This option is considered to be economical in water consumption and the cost of the equipment itself. Among other things, showers are a number of functions from the whirlpool bath before. Typically, the consumer makes a choice in favor of products with good operational performance of high quality materials.

To date, the Russian market showers is quite diverse and can meet the diverse needs of the consumer. The company "Radomir" report that the shower stall to buy not only ergonomic considerations, but also as an addition to the bath, if a family has both fans soak in the bath, and active amateur tonic soul whirlpool or sauna. "Showers are easy to care, but we should remember that products which contain abrasive elements that could damage the surface – say a, – After the application of detergents should be running water rinse shower and rub a light cloth to remain on the stele is not divorce, and spots of chlorine after the complete drying of droplets. About the company: "Radomir is a leader in the production and sell Whirlpool, which is confirmed by a diploma winners of the Third All-Russian contest "the 1000 best enterprises of Russia in 2002." Diploma issued by the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation. Today Company Radomir has business relationships with partners in more than 80 cities in Russia. In the company's disposal is a network of regional offices and service centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Smolensk, Astrakhan, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar.