Fritz Perls Group

Goals help guide the activities of the group in certain directions and affect one way or another behavior and personal development of the same group. All aspects referred to in this part, comes to constitute or form the theoretical framework of the dynamics of group. 5. MODELS OF INTERVENTION. 5.1.-GESTALT theory Gestalt is a German word meaning all, all. Designates the school of philosophical psychological thought of Berlin, which has given rise to a new form of therapy and training for development of human potential, which also sees difficulties and neuroses as congruence, a rupture of gestalt and the unity of being, as an emergence of a figure on a background and puts emphasis on the mode in which feelings are experienced in the here and time, about the how and not on why.

Fritz Perls is regarded as the greatest exponent within this approach, who thinks that every relationship is projective, and must be integrated in an interaction. Life can only be a perpetual present, past and future only concepts to which we refer in the present. Direct, structured and active, Gestalt Therapy addresses customer with its contradictions emphasizing the totality of people trying to occupy or fill voids and gaps in this totality. But is convinced that the whole determines the parties: hears both what he says his client, like how says it. To clarify this practice the fundamental rules of sporns groups are listed below:-the rule now: requires the patient to try to tell what experience or live now, so that you can realize as it avoids. -Use the I and the verbs in the first people. -The continuous consciousness outlet: physical sensations, emotions and perceptions. -Distinguish reality from fantasy.

-Use direct language and maintain confidentiality. -Working with polarities (contrast techniques). -Stay in touch with feelings and emotions. On the other hand the group works when:-this alert again to the now always that this is abandoned.