Financial Education

When he is young one has the faculty to dream that it would never have to lose in all the life. In fact, one affirms that a person without dreams lacks the push to leave ahead in the life. For that reason the dreams are important. And equal of important is to have the wisdom to obtain that those dreams can get to become reality. In a world of rate accelerated like today, it is not easy to draw for the obstacles that a young pair faces in its way towards the success. The world not only is in economic crisis, but also there are many problems at social and moral level. Problem is that, when the life expectancies are not fulfilled that one has when he is young, is very easy to fall in depression, frustration and bitterness.

All this can be come up with a good preparation. The great majority of the people little lives the day to day with or anything of planning. If goals consider, they write down rarely them and much less they plan like reaching them. The danger of youth is that it does not know that vitality and push that one has when she is young nonhard for always. young people think that always they are going to have the energies and the strength to be able to leave ahead in the life.

For that reason they are a easy prey for the consumption credits that promise instantaneous dreams to them by which they will be able to pay someday in the future. The young pairs are an important objective market of the financial institutions, since they know the power a dream. A young pair dreams about having children and to found a family who is going to be very happy. An inevitable part of that dream is the one to own a house, a car and a long list of properties whose real necessity varies between a person and another one. Before similar list of requirements it is very easy to yield to the temptations of a hypothecating credit or consumption. Added to this, the majority of the young people lacks the financial education necessary to know with certainty as they are the implicancias of a medium credit to or long term. They do not know that this means almost always to sometimes pay to the double and the triple of the value of the good that with as much enthusiasm they are buying. Also they do not know that same negative effect of a debt it can use to favor his if they only took advantage of the incredible one to be able the compound interest. Instead of to buy instantaneous dreams with its credit cards are going that them to condemn to work for the financial institutions by the rest of their productive lives, they could pospone its dreams by a time and to be useful to invest its money so that one multiplies. Of that way the interest rates would act to their favor and, after years to pospone its dreams, they will have the spending power necessary to be able to buy what they wish whereas their pairs are going to be enslaved with the debts and sunk in a style of life of shortage and broken dreams. Only because never they learned to plan and to discipline itself in the area of the finances. Original author and source of the article.