Fewer Situation

In the life of every entrepreneur, a moment when he realizes that he eats a lot of business, but it gives less. The company has long existed, people are tested, tried and tested customers, and financial results are bad. Proglyadyvaya situation in the future manager sees it through a period of time will be equal to the income and expenditure then it would be a fact that the company has already begun to eat all that kept the head. Well, if you just got it and accept the situation, then you will be able to save your money. What to do in this case the head? If the manager is knowledgeable and knows his business, then analyze the reports to verify compliance facts of the case reports – will be for him is not difficult. This work will open at once those workers who are no longer needed and harm, will open those types of goods, services, works, which have already equaled the cost of venal prices, will state that already has the equipment can not create good products (services). Once close unprofitable operations and types of services as soon as possible to reduce staff and workers and management. Well invite an independent accountant to check all those involved in finance, expenditure and return to check petty cash.

It is necessary to bring the matter before the inspection as an accountant for how the used legal methods to minimize tax accountant. Check whether all expenditure is accounted for by reducing tax revenue and there are no contracts with obscure companies. The next point is to find agreements on procurement of goods, component parts at inflated prices in comparison with the existing treaties in the region and with lower prices for selling your products (services). Even if you do only what is specified by us, then maybe not so bad will be the situation. Dismissing unnecessary, embezzlers, removing services (goods) do not give profits, replacing the old to the new team, you will be able to take on the old income areas of work. You can think about new trends and the introduction of innovations put on a permanent basis.

Take the example of the Japanese. Also about people – value them not for their past services, and because of themselves they are now. And those who will push you to the buttons of pity and morality, asking them to leave for work, better give one-time money and explain that you do not have to set up a business, they should give that a business, then that business could pay them, not vice versa. Everyone and no emotion. In another approach to the situation you most soon will have to join the army of job seekers. And most recently, maybe the first thing to do: Check each receivable for the reality of debt repayment. It is necessary for each debtor to make a legal Finally, according to the available contracts and accounting records, send letters at the request of the payment, to meet and understand one in which to place the list. The first list, those with whom you can work on, and the second list, one it's time to summon. Do not wait when received by the court's decision will be nominal, ie, bankruptcy without bankruptcy. Do not take the money in such a situation, while not fully understand the whole situation and not make a new plan to raise its business.