Federal Interior Ministry

The VDEB seal is result of the group work of the Association of IT-Mittelstand. It was designed by medium-sized vendors in cooperation with TuV SuD and worked out. So is not caused because of academic theories, it reflects the valuable business experience of practitioners who know how they can increase their business opportunities. Core provision of the VDEB label is the deposit of the source code, which advises the Federal Interior Ministry of software customers. This is done with regard to the VDEB seal of approval for special rates at the Department of information and communication technology of the TuV South. The source code is checked by trained computer scientists on readability and verified. Verification means to identify the source as such, and to confirm what a technological expertise is needed.

This is fundamentally different the VDEB seal of approval by depositing at notaries. The jurists can in most cases only confirm the deposit, but not the readability of the disk check. Instead of a law review a computer science perspective is necessary as the Association IT-Mittelstand more natural close way occupies and is recommended by the computer newspaper. Without this perspective, the promise of investment security must remain empty. In further steps can be additionally tested the accuracy, consistency and documentation of the software and the VDEB TuV SuD certificate obtained as a secondary level. This includes a comprehensive test of the software and offers the customer maximum security decision in the choice of the product.

But worn the VDEB seal not in the deposit of the source code, it is also so important. It includes as well a base update and maintenance contract for five years, does not exceed 25% of the license price per year, and called for the acknowledgement of intellectual property rights and are a sufficient IT property damage liability insurance. Subject to the latter by the VDEB over a Framework agreement with the IT insurer Hiscox very favourable tariff conditions are reached. Smaller and medium-sized software companies that want to secure the competitive advantage of the VDEB label is just against the background of financial and economic crisis to increase your business growth, can contact for more information on the Office of the Association of IT-Mittelstand. Also, talks are arranged with current owners of the VDEB label that describe their motivation and look forward to an exchange of experience. A significant contract was awarded on the basis of the certification already us”, says Dr. Oliver Grun, CEO of green Software AG. The competitors and we were judged as equivalent, the seal was then.