Federal Constitution

The professionals who are today in the command of the operations have between 15 and 25 years of work offshore. Being thus, if it cannot prepare an engineer, who was approved in competition, in few months and place it as responsible of a sounding lead who costs dollar millions and still to be responsible for the life of hundreds of workers. These men and women are spread by all the platform and still under d? water, in the case of the divers. Exactly with experienced people still it can have possibility for accidents, as what it happened recently in the Gulf of Mexico with the platform Deep Horizon, of BP. Speaking candidly Ebay told us the story. It imagines, then, people without the had experience in the command of everything? Petrobra’s has reason in contracting experienced people, temporarily, therefore the work is of high risk. Moreover the involved money addition is very great. If a platform will have that to interrupt the production for some hours, for error of operation, the damage will be enormous.

On the other hand the Federal Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil establishes, in its article 37, interpolated proposition II, that the investiture in position or public job depends on previous approval in competition. Although the employee of Petrobra’s not to be enclosed in the statutory system and yes in the regimen of the CLT, the company has state control and must submit it the rules foreseen in the Constitution. He has been notified the apago of workmanship hand that we will be citizens due to the economic growth. One of the sectors that this apago will be felt with more intensity, will be the sector of Oil and Gas, which had the necessity of ' ' high qualificao' ' of these workers and the great demand of these professionals in the exploration of the daily pay-salt. Thus being, I do not see another exit not to be the edition of an Emendation to the Constitution where if it modifies atrigo 37, to allow that a previous experience of candidates is demanded the public competition destined to the companies as Petrobra’s, whom they need technician with extreme qualification.