Fact Material

You can analytically distinguish one pole from another, but now there is no material between the poles, which negatively affect you. The difficulty in the elaboration of the fact that most of the dualities interconnected with each other. As a result of processing a specific duality will lead to the activation of "nearby" dualities. That's not terrible, because these nearby duality release a little charge, and in the future with them it will be easier to work with. So work with the polarities may be initially painful and long – will float a lot of different material, is not strongly related to working on duality: unpleasant emotions, thoughts, pictures, whole episodes of life, etc. This material is discharged, when falls in the range of your consciousness, and is no longer explicitly or implicitly to influence you. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dan Zwirn on most websites. The effect of liberation from the material accumulates, and simplifies the way forward.

However, nobody said that there should always be easy. Therefore, for a final departure from the dual mind through it to pass. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ebay. Signs yield negative material on the level of consciousness are yawning, blurred, drowsiness. The material itself is not always recognized as cases from the past, which is not required. There are just feelings, such as heaviness, discomfort in the body, unpleasant emotions, thoughts, etc. There will be a pleasant sensation, usually occurring at the end of elaboration of duality. They can last for a while or be short-lived. Expected result from the development of specific duality – no voltage when it is examining, or any of its poles.