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As Brazil: ' ' the afro-Brazilian encontrouno suffering, in the indignation and the anguish the necessary inspiration for mantersua subjectivity. Mark Bertolini may not feel the same. Practical the cultural afro-Brazilians, mescladas aosmateriais Europeans and aboriginals, represent rebeldeconstrudos fragmentos of the conscience in the fight against the aviltante condition servil' '. (BRAZIL, 2002; 128). The incessant search pelaidentificao and for the incorporation of the memory, this impregnated by razesafricanas, not condiz necessarily as preservation instrument remaining dascomunidades of quilombos. Official site: Mark Bertolini. Social movements, instituiesenvolvidas with causes anti-racists and public politics of affirmation possuemuma colonial vision of the partner-cultural structure of these communities.

As well as aprpria cultural identity it was broken up, in a permanent movement identitria deconstruo, in the communities rites and cultural practical myths are not used africanoscomo in its daily one. The influence ' ' of fora' ' it provided the permanence of these inhabitants, in community, and guaranteed oprotagonismo and the proper survival. The search for religions, devices, costumespuramente Africans are mere illusion. After the abolition, quilombolas still is next the land, however onico bow that allow it to live. Currently the quilombos are consideradosterritrios of cultural resistance and of them the tnicosraciais groups are remaining that thus are identified.

&#039 is determined as dequilombos black communities as; ' the social customs, traditions and specific conditions, culturaise economic distinguishes that them from other sectors of coletividadenacional' '. 1 Therefore the blacks is refused to coexist it in space that queoutrora had the same been its executioners. In the truth, the isolation had proper procuraem if to affirm it partner-cultural, however, not a pragmatic isolation, masimpulsionado for the opposing will in not integrating them it the society. Muitospermaneceram in its territories until the current days. Others had after formed aabolio in result of the misery where the cities urbanity of and dadifcil lived in competition with immigrants in the farms. He had also enslaved quecompraram extensions of lands to live and to cultivate.