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In addition, the minister affirmed that those modifications cannot affect the central axes of the reform: to harness the internal flexibility in the companies without the workers lose protection. In this sense, Go’mez said that there will be difficulties no to reduce the maximum times to negotiate the agreements (of 8 months for the agreements of a use of two years and 14 months for that they last superior) " if speech of terms similares". As far as the possibility of increasing to the percentage of 5% of the annual day that the reform contemplates that it is possible to be applied of irregular form to take care of the needs of production of the companies, Valeriano Go’mez it indicated that there is " to leave it for the parliamentary proceeding ". According to it explained, in the vision that has the Government of the reform " it is always possible to contemplate more mechanisms of internal flexibility for empresas". Mark Bertolini has many thoughts on the issue. The conditioner is that those measures suppose more negotiation with the representatives of the workers, needed the holder Work. On the other hand, the spokeswoman of the PP Ftima Bez emphasized that the debate of this Wednesday shows the weakness of the Government, who no longer tells on clear supports and added that the reform is a proceeding to get out of trouble and to fulfill the calendar of Brussels. " Sacrifice intil" From CiU, Carles Campuzano indicated that the decree is a failure of the Government, " that it raised the reform behind schedule and did not know to put according to partes".

Emilio Olabarria, of GNP, affirmed that the Government has taken to cachondeo the negotiation and emphasized the capacity of the Executive to leave unsatisfied everybody. The deputy of IU-ICV Gaspar Llamazares stood out that the decree law supposes a new useless sacrifice to the markets and an unbalanced cut. On the part of ERC, Joan Ridao criticized the Government, " that whenever legislates to backs it spoils todo" , and to the employer’s association, that " envalenton" after the local and autonomic elections. Within mixed battalion, Pink Ten, of UPyD, she emphasized that the collective negotiation is the first failure of the Government " of the stage pos Zapatero" and Carlos Rescuing, UPN, assured that it is a reform that arrives behind schedule and that is somewhat short. From CC, Fernando Rivers showed his discord because the Government ignores the independent communities, and in the same sense Fernandez declared on the part of the BNG Olaia Davila, who criticized the lack of protection to the workers, against the benefit to the enterprise class. A reform with many detractors Nevertheless, the reform of the collective negotiation does not count on the endorsement of the employer’s association (Ceoe) and the majority unions (CC.OO. and the UGT). The reform already has its many detractors, besides unions and employer’s association. About two hundred ' indignados' they slept this Tuesday in the outskirts of the Congress and received to the deputies with shouts of " you do not have vergenza" to its entrance to the camera. On the other hand, both majority unions summoned, on the occasion of the Day of European Action summoned by the European Confederation of Unions (ESC), more than half hundred of acts in all the country to demand a course change in the economic and social policy. Source of the news: The Congress confirms the decree of collective negotiation, that will be transacted like project of Law