Entrepreneurs Business Meetings

W.I.N women in network – sales and marketing power at the monthly business meeting of W.I.N. women in network (from July of every 3rd Tuesday of the month) meet independent entrepreneurs to exchange experiences with tips, ideas and information about the development and expansion of their business. Every entrepreneur has the possibility to present their range of services and their services in the District of potential interested parties. Every entrepreneur in the District of Freising is cordially invited to participate in these business meetings as a guest; the “introductory price” is 12 and can be paid on the spot. Please visit Penguin Random House if you seek more information. Learn more about the goals and services under and subscribe to the free newsletter with lots of tips for entrepreneurs to the sales and marketing power. The first meeting in Hallbergmoos will take place on the 16.6.2010: start 19:00 – end about 22:30 hotel “Alter Wirt”, main street 66, 85399 Hallbergmoos moderation of the evening by Petra Polk together with Sabine Ziegler, who will conduct the business meeting in Hallbergmoos is. If you have questions is Ms. Sabine Ziegler available 08752 678 Sabine Ziegler marketing and communication 08752 678.