Entensys Announces Release Of UserGate Mail Server 1.0 In

UserGate mail server shortly in version 1.0 the Entensys Corporation, software provider for information security and Internet access programs, publish a mail server announces, which meets the high demands of companies. The new UserGate mail server is the solution for a corporate secure email traffic. The program works with all Windows compatible email client, there is no high hardware requirements and is easy to set up. The UserGate mail server software offers several compelling main features: domain and user management, Directory support, remote access for administrators and users, LDAP support and even a flexible control system. The program offers a clearly structured user interface and can also remotely from outside to be served. Therefore, it makes an email server administration easier and safer than ever before.

Setup and user are easy even for user and comfortable, which had never before worked with such programs. To maximum to ensure any protection, all security-related protocols such as SSL, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP are fully supported. In addition, UserGate mail server offers fully integrated and highly efficient anti-virus and anti-spam modules. At the forefront in the fight against the spam, the anti-spam is module of the company Commtouch. This analysis module is used by leading software and hardware vendors (3Com. CheckPoint, G-data, F-secure, Panda Security and others). The module uses recurrent a special analysis technique, called pattern detection, which helps to detect any spam, any language, and accordingly to filter.

As a further module is the SpamAssassin unit used. Hereby, every email is subjected to extensive studies that help to analyze spam, to identify and block. Entensys mail server is designed for use in small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time he is multi functional and reasonably priced. Through the use of UserGate mail server remains the company regardless of often unsafe, external email providers. You want this fantastic product free of charge testing? Then visit our homepage and download the cost loose 30-day trial version: download!