That year passed and soon Severino passed to average education but a small book left Emends called It of easy English To learn. When going in bora dinheirinho joined one and was in one simpes graphical and made twenty and five ezemplares and was with one denre this study of English presented some considraes of Spaniard. That year it would live with an aunt, for it was very difficult but it followed its dream of if forming and coming back to fly of balloon with the Americans and this time if to communicate and to say: – I I garrote am it that he had the carried through dream, today I am here and I do not want to be optimum but I want to be successful in the Severino life, am Northeastern, I carried through a boy dream the God to the one helps me to each day that passes the heart despara, homesickness of my house, my mother, father brother that I left there but I will come back. It studied with a devotion, in the way it year already was approved and gave a test to change another city and to gain a stock market in a university. Meanwhile its father opened a business of tourism, and sales of rapaduras of diverse flavors with resources of natural fruits and foreigner in the case of noses, grapes raisins, Kiui and national as goiaba, orange, coconut, grape, papaya, papaia papaya and others. The small village started to grow and some land points Mr. Sebastio and Maria was valid in dollar, the four children already did not give as many works in the school and nor in house. Severino fought each day and a good pupil conquered new spaces being and excellent employee of a house of accounting with only 13 years had intelligence of a man of 20 years, in the case it already represented the pupils in the pertaining to school bosom and said to Frenchman and Portuguese of Portugal, but he fought to perfect in the English and Spaniard.