Employers at the expense of innovation is unlikely to significantly improve the efficiency of its own business. Twelve amendments to its labor law are invited to make 12 amendments. Many of them are purely technical in nature, but some require more attention. In particular, the point about required to sign a new fixed-term contract after the previous (now after the end of fixed-term contract if the employee does not distress the employer, the document is deemed to be extended for an indefinite period). Now rspp proposes to enter into new fixed-term contract, a term of not more than 5 years. Urgent need to sign a contract with those who gets a job first, and also with foreign workers.

Also introduces the concept of remote access to employment for those who call the old-fashioned “homeworkers”. Plus, this provides that the parties will be able to change the employment contract without waiting for his actions. According to , the tc should be defined mechanism for extension of fixed-term contract in the case where it is needed. “If the old fixed-term contract employee was imprisoned for one year, nothing shall limit the employer and employee from entering into similar agreement or arrangement, the respective expectations of the employee and employer. Expired the previous contract – taking stock.

Good work – renegotiated with the increase, “- says the businessman. Then there are suggestion that the employer paid the employee study leave only if he sent him to study. The current tc is obliged to pay for vacation, even if the employee is enrolled in an educational institution on its own initiative.