Elac Report

One is about a repository of digital contents, enclosing the production of deriving knowledge of diverse countries and is integrated to the Vestibule of the Professor, also of the MEC. The main intention of this Vestibule aims at to keep and to share digital educational resources of free access whose contents are elaborated in the most different formats, as audio, video, animation, simulation, educational software, image, map, hipertexto, etc. the production and dissemination of contents, as this, possesss a multiplying effect, a time that can help to spread values and knowledge in diverse segments of the society, promoting the digital inclusion and bigger accessibility of educational objects (Elac Report, 2010). Innumerable companies also promote the inclusion digital, through partnership in the elaboration of projects, of the incentive to the auto-support of the communities, the empreendedorismo and corporative actions that favor the digital inclusion in the education. Acting of this form, with social responsibility, the companies are complementing action of solidarity to the public politics, assisting the development, the integration and the educational level of the involved communities.

The social responsibility is a positive commitment of all and can bring as benefit resulted, since that it is executed in conscientious way and with seriousness, providing the increasing development of citizenship (Rothgiesser, 2004). The third sector comes finding forms and artifices to develop its programs of digital inclusion, mainly the not governmental organizations that not they measure efforts to establish partnerships with diverse institutions in the entire country, aiming at to disponibilizar a letramento and citizenship, learning environment the new users of the Internet. To reduce the index of digital exclusion, a mobilization on the part of the authorities, prioritizing the education becomes necessary, by means of the adoption of an including plan the national level that if considers to promote the access to the net, indiscriminately, taking care of devoid children, young and adults (USP, 2007).