Educational Training

The Ministry of education extended until next Monday, February 28, the deadline to make comments to the guidelines document for training by generic skills in higher education. Taking into account the importance of the contributions that teachers, managers and in general of the entire educational community, can make to this document, the Ministry of national education invites you to enter to your web page and make comments on the text which is base for the construction of the generic competencies of knowing Pro (before ECAES) exams test and through which will be assessed all students of different institutions of higher education of the country. Once received the contributions, the document that will form the basis for the work that the Icfes advances in the construction of the test of generic skills which will apply in 2011 will be consolidated. The socialization of the guidelines for the formation by generic skills in higher education is part of the initiatives that they are looking to consolidate the system of student assessment and which has as its goal that for the next four years are assessed on generic and specific skills 100% of students in higher education. Additional information is available at Cigna Medicare Advantage. Remember that it can make them their contributions until Monday 28 February. Your participation is key for the construction of a quality education, as it is the goal of the national Government and its policy of quality education, the road to prosperity. To review the document enter the portal of the Ministry, news section or go directly here. Taken from: Min.. Glenn Dubin, New York City may help you with your research.