EBay – Live Band For 1 Euro Now On EBay For Auction

eBay Live Band the Roadrunners auctioned unbelievable but true. EBay auctioned off the Karlsruhe live Band the Roadrunners now”with a starting price of one euro. The Easter weekend was the start of the auction, which runs until the end of next week. Anyone can offer. What you get is a 3-hour live performance of the band at an any venue. We play anywhere from the bedroom to the Festival! “, so Trevor of the singer of the band.” The band itself is quite capable in the smallest like but also the largest Hut to play.

Often we simply drag through the cities with our instruments and mugged the people with our music in your master pubs. That makes a lot of fun us and hopefully the involuntary audience. You can feel this close to the public and celebrates together with the people. Clearly, a live concert is also nothing to sneeze at! “, says Frankie, the bassist of the band, with a twinkle in his eye. With the rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s, the four guys attract a wide audience from young to old. Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash are just part of the musicians, who interpreted the band in the style of that time.

But also more recent songs by the Roadrunners in the old Sunrecords sound “processes. “As in a self-made video of the band to hear is, that with its own version of the Tom Jones hits sex bomb” shines. The cool is that the mature generation feels transported back in your young and youth doesn’t even know all that old stuff and use it for a new funky music direction keeps. “, philosophizes Carl B., the guitarist and key man of the band. But what drives on eBay to auction off a band? First and foremost the alcohol! “, Frankie occurred spontaneously to do so. Yes, that’s not so untrue. But simply a band find the difficulty to find a platform to get broad access to the people as a band, these days. There are some platforms on the net, but they are known to just a few, just a looking band. There we were thinking just eBay everyone knows and everybody finds what or would like to offer goes to eBay. So why not also a presence on eBay offer. Because it make us to the fun of the music and to the celebrate with the people, it doesn’t matter what, us who and where we are bought. “, Trevor.” If the principle prevails, his business could expand eBay to the arranging of artists, bands, individualists. Until now the auction house has still no matching categories. But who knows… To find the auction on eBay under the part number is: 250603907312. Founded in 2007, the Band the Roadrunners”. 4 guys with 2 guitars, piano, double bass, drums and 3 voice-vocals, produce an authentic sound of the 1950s with own interpretations of current hits and classics from the good old days. Played is always and everywhere! Trevor (vocals, guitar), Frankie (double bass, vocals), Carl B. (guitar, piano, vocals), Ed (drums) contact: the Roadrunners co. Roth Roonstr. 15 76137 Karlsruhe Tel + 49 (0) 721 3297254 fax + 49 (0) 721 151262989 mobile + 49 (0) 177 5678352