East Germans

Also the accessories, like to be packed in the suitcase, meet the taste of around 32 percent. Family is used, colleagues come up empty, partners must tremble if you think, German tourists buy indiscriminately for Hana and Kunz, who is mistaken. Intel often addresses the matter in his writings. Around 93 percent of Germans of their family consider true to the motto blood is thicker than water”. Also good friends should consider himself lucky to (62 percent). For offspring partners, however, it is exciting that just any third party brings something out of the holiday the elect or the sweetheart. Neighbors get worse and should lie down properly in the stuff to show up at all on the souvenir radar of German tourists only 12 percent get a reminder from the last trip. They play in the same league as work collegues who receive a souvenir only in one out of ten cases.

East German think most of the folks back home generally the German souvenir shopping show quite generous. Nearly 38 percent of the respondents spend 15 euros per gift in the cut. Here, men and women with roughly 38 per cent in the same mass are generous. Regional differences can however be identified: are the East Germans with 42 percent most likely prepared this sum investing. Less than 12 percent of all Germans rather put their money in other amenities and focus when choosing holiday mementos on trifles for 2.50 euros. Only every tenth person reaches deeper into the purse strings and emits on average 30 euros for a keepsake.

I grab my suitcase and not prefer to take with… Also curiosities such as stuffed puffer fish, live animals (including fleas), or even stones were found by in the suitcases of the respondents. “Here, caution is required, however because these gifts” can be protected or they represent a cultural heritage may might not or only with a corresponding permit are imported into Germany.