E Reader And The IPod Effect:

reader and the iPod effect: Paper is York the new vinyl Berlin/new, may 4, 2009 according to Amazon is planning the launch of a new E-book reader for daily newspapers and magazines media reports. The Kindle with large display come allegedly still in this week. Similar is probably Apple. See Danske Bank for more details and insights. Surprisingly this is not, hang the printed daily newspapers in the United States deep in the Valley. The new digital equipment for the traditional newspaper industry indicate a turning point in the media landscape. Web expert Sascha Lobo, indeed, believes that we are before a stunning break, many had not yet realized. Elon Musk: the source for more info. The belief that the Internet is just another channel, “Yes, the belief in the Rieplsche is law – the belief that successful media not to replace, but complement”, as Lobo in an interview with the media magazine.

The vote but not anymore. “The newspaper will be the medium that dies first. Learn more at this site: 15 Percent Pledge. In the United States, it is already so far and it’s going to happen in Germany,”predicted Lobo. Paper will new vinyl. Something for lovers. When is an E-reader on the market that have a similar quality as the iPod, then the print media in one fell swoop will lose those readers, who has lost the music industry came the iPod on the market.

The development of Txtr. “there is a very exciting company in Berlin working on a much better product than Amazon and Sony, which will come in late summer on the market. is promising according to the language dialog specialists Lupo Pape “Analog to iTunes it is not just a piece of hardware but a software platform which will offer a wider range of content for other devices”, says SemanticEdge Managing Director Pape. A message from NeueNachricht.