Dyslexics Write

That you understand it better, is mistakes that we all make when we write very quickly on the computer and then fix. Well, the Dyslexics do exactly the same thing, but do not correct them, because they do not realize. Evaluates your calligraphy many children with dyslexia have a very poor graphomotor, simply because they have not integrated the association between the sounds of the words (phonemes) and its graphical representation (grapheme). To check if your son or daughter has this problem ask to leave you a note stuck in the fridge every morning for a week and notes if he makes mistakes like that you have described in the previous paragraph, in your writing. Pay attention to your memory in the short term the short-term or working memory, is one that intervenes when the boy or girl reads the wording of a problem and should retain information to raise the data or when you want to write a story about a topic. As well, the Dyslexics pose major problems for these actions. Most common is that when the boy or girl go to write, do not hold a driver son in history or you may need to divide the phrases the wording of a problem to be able to extract the data.

Simply, sit with your son or daughter to do homework and find out if this happens. As you can see, if your son or daughter presents difficulties such as those you’ve described has a very distinctive profile which will allow you to differentiate dyslexia from what is not. Please, note if it manifests any of these difficulties and if so, query to your school counselor or a professional school psychology right now that help you provide strategies that allow you can deal with this problem, since academic results that depend on the control that he or she has a lot on his dyslexia. Best regards, Jenny Guerra Hernandez