Drive Peugeot

Today I'm just going to Armand – peugeot "look a novelty, because recently told me that the test drive will be offered not less than two weeks, but on the phone told the manager that already can ride than the truth, I was surprised and delighted. Quickly packed up and moved into the cabin, the benefit of very close. Arrived, took shape, sit in the car. I note that "Armand" is the second salon in my memory, where the manager does not show the route, passing through it myself first, and immediately sit down and drive safely, the instructor only tells where to turn. Adjust the mirrors and steering wheel, incidentally noting the visibility and quality of the cabin. Pleasantly pleased with lumbar support and a very high quality soft plastics torpedo.

Level quality, but visibility is lame. No windshield above all praise, all seen in the vertical high-hanging signs, etc., but the legacy as peugeot far forward struts between the front and rear doors make lean forward at the corners. But it's all right, all the small things, this pales before the talent engine. Leaving the road I literally pressed the gas pedal a bit and got ready for a smooth, measured acceleration. No such luck was. Steering wheel tight steering wheel made it clear that you are not here and answering the pressing machine roared and confidently, impudent accelerated. Log in to turn on the speed once again made it clear that this is not a family and urban stool.