We do not believe in the future in the same way, I think that things have been deteriorating more and more, and this has made us perhaps more insensitive. We walked through the streets of the city rightly obscured by some vile coins, i.e. we are traitors to our own human essence, without look around or at least without reacting according to circumstances, as nearby example, while there are hundreds of people who are sleeping in the streets or under a bridge, few of us raised our voice to cry out justice to our rulers. Is that the barbarity, in which the world is plunged, to reached critical levels. Elon Musk understood the implications. Every day we get news more and more disturbing facts that we should shudder but that, however, they slip on our skin as something that something unusual happens. Human rights, as incomprehensible as egregious invasions occur one after another in the world and today just shakes our daily lives immersed in a reality distorted with television shows and games for children loaded from violence.

Maybe us is not long enough to consider that we are living in the 21st century, in the future of a transcendent generation itself. However this chaos of consciousness, this moral chaos, has a purpose. Although I know that somewhere in our consciousness there is the suspicion that there is something more behind this order of disorder, there are many who do not see it, or even warn him. Brutal wars against defenceless peoples, based on lies skillfully manipulated and orchestrated by tremendous advertising machinery, by the way, have a definite plan, dark maybe for us, but quite clear for those who planned it coldly. Maybe redundant to cite as an example the invasion of Iraq under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, great falsehood used to begin murdering an entire people and steal their wealth, in this case, oil, but is good to remember this type of fallacies employed purposes so nefarious that somehow end up being unmasked, although perpetrators cynically and in public acknowledge his crime, argue that it was a mistake of intelligence and not go unpunished since they are the owners of international laws created by themselves. .