Diabetes Is Spreading From

Diabetes Day focuses on prevention – but new drugs are important the diabetes epidemic is steadily expanding. In Germany, already eight million people are affected, the number of unreported cases is estimated higher still to a lot. This year’s World Diabetes Day on 14 November carries the theme \”Diabetes Prevention and Education\” (diabetes prevention and education/training), but even with increased prevention work grows the need for innovative concepts for new medicines. Because an average diagnosis is carried out only ten years after the outbreak of the disease in the body, if she did there already significant damage to cells and blood vessels. \”Prevention is useful and important, as is just in the early stages of the disease through lifestyle changes cause a lot of\”, explains Dr.

Bernd Kuglin, Managing Director of the profile Neuss metabolism Research Institute. \”However, of course all once affected will receive the best possible treatment. Else can be Shape sequelae, suffered by the patient and causing huge costs in the health system\”, so the doctor next. A good drug treatment with effective drugs is less expensive than the treatment of the complications of diabetes in the end. About 90 to 95 percent of all diabetics suffer from diabetes mellitus type 2. This form of metabolism disease occurs when the response of the body to insulin permanently reduces – ED is. The pancreas must produce ever greater amounts of the hormone insulin in this case transporting sugar from the blood into the cells. The cells respond after some time less and less insulin, so that it loses effect and as a result must be produced in increasing quantities. At some point, the point is reached where not enough the pancreas to produce insulin and diabetes results. The causes of this form of \”diabetes mellitus\” are usually genetic, but by risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and lack of exercise promoted.